Study on Soil-Pile Foundation-Structure-TLD Interaction System by Shake Table Model Test


The results of a shaking table model test for the soil-pile-structure-TMD (tuned mass damper) interaction system are presented in this paper. It has been testified that the TMD effectiveness to control the seismic responses of the structure, which is built on soil site, is much lower than that at the situation if the controlled structure constructed on rigid site due to the effect of soil-structure interaction. Some test results also show that TMD device might be harmful to the controlled structure if the soil- structure interaction is not considered in the TMD design when the structure is built on the soft soil site. For the structure constructed on soil foundation, this research verifies that the SSI effects must be understood carefully before the design of the TMD control, to determine if the control is necessary and soil-structure interaction must be considered in choice of the reasonable parameters of the TMD device.

Meeting Name

3rd International Conference in Earthquake Engineering: New Frontier and Research Transformation (2004: Oct. 18-20, Nanjing, China)


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Soil-pile-structure Interaction; TMD's Performance: Structural Control; Shaking Table Model Test

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Oct 2004

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