Experimental data on water soluble polymer thermal and hydrolytic stability in acidic, neutral and basic pH conditions in aqueous solution is presented. Thermal and hydrolytic stability of polymer aqueous solutions were monitored in variable pH medium by aging at 130 °C temperature for different aging time. Polymer viscosity measurements were performed periodically for 3 months. Furthermore, this data can serve as a basis of monomer selection for thermally stable hydrogels for applications like oil recovery, hydrogel coatings for steam sterilized medical devices and other applications. Reactivity ratios were determined for monomers associated to the most stable polymers using 1H NMR analysis. Monomer reactivity ratios for DMA (M1) and NaSS (M2) depicted to be r1 = 0.031 and r2 = 5.379 using Fineman-Ross method and r1 = 0.028 and r2 = 5.495 using Kelen-Tudos method. The performance of preformed particle gels developed based on these monomers, in plugging the open fractures is explained using residual resistance factor (Frr) calculation.



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The authors would like to acknowledge funding from our JIP Consortium members: ConocoPhillips, Occidental Petroleum, Daqing Xinwantong Technology Developing Company, Ltd. and Petrochina, in support of this work.

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Hydrolytic Stability of Polymers; Reactivity Ratio; Residual Resistance Factor (Frr); Thermal Stability of Polymers; Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA); Viscosity Measurements

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