Compressive Behavior of Crosslinked Mesoporous Aerogels at High Strain Rates


Aerogels have exceptional properties such as high dielectric constant, high thermal insulation and high acoustic damping. Their applications, however, have been slow due to the well-known fragility and hygroscopic behavior. These problems have been resolved by nanoencapsulating a thin layer of polymers on the silica nanoparticles without clogging the pores. The resulting crosslinked aerogels are ductile, stable in water, and mechanically strong. In analogy to polymer-crosslinked silica aerogels, the mesoporous surfaces of silica-derived co-continuous mesopores have been coated conformally with isocyanate-derived polymers, and a new class of crosslinked templated silica aerogels was synthesized with ordered nanostructure. In this paper we characterize the dynamic compressive behavior of these crosslinked mesoporous aerogels, namely X-MP4, X-MP4-T045 and X-MP4-T310, at high strain rates using a long split Hopkinson pressure bar. The stress-strain relations at high strain rates have been determined. Results indicate that these materials have extremely high specific energy absorption capability.

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11th International Congress and Exhibition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics (2008: Jun. 2-5, Orlando, FL)



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Acoustic Damping; Compressive Behaviors; Crosslinked; High Dielectric Constants; High Strain Rates; High Thermals; Hopkinson Pressure Bars; Hygroscopic Behaviors; Meso-pores; Mesoporous; Mesoporous Aerogels; New Class; Silica Aerogels; Silica Nano-particles; Specific Energy Absorptions; Stress-strain Relations; Templated; Thin Layers; Aerogels; Ceramic Materials; Metallic Glass; Oxides; Polymers; Silica; Silica Gel; Thermal Insulation; Strain Rate

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01 Jun 2008

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