Biomarker Analysis for Oncology


Cancer biomarkers are biological, chemical or biophysical entities that are present in tumor tissues or body fluids which give valuable information about current and future behavior of cancer. This review discusses the applicability of biomarkers in different stages of cancer from cancer risk assessment to recurrence. In medical practice, biomarkers can be helpful in finding out one's potential cancer risk, confirming whether or not one is already affected with a particular type of cancer, to which drug will the cancer respond best and in what doses should it be administered, the effectiveness of the treatment and whether the cancer will recur. Although biomarker discovery and validation is a very challenging process, when considering its applications and advantages, it is well worth the effort.



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Cancer Biomarkers; Pharmacokinetic; Predictive Cancer Biomarker; Prognostic Cancer Biomarker; CA 125 Antigen; CA 19-9 Antigen; Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor; Stem Cell Factor Receptor; Tumor Marker; Vasculotropin Receptor 3; Tumor Marker, Cancer Diagnosis; Cancer Prognosis; Cancer Recurrence; Cancer Risk; Cancer Staging; Early Diagnosis; Human; Medical Practice; Oncology; Patient Monitoring; Risk Assessment; Treatment Response; Tumor Suppressor Gene; Validation Process; Chemical Analysis; Early Cancer Diagnosis; Neoplasms; Procedures; Prognosis; Recurrent Disease; Biomarkers, Tumor; Chemistry Techniques, Analytical; Early Detection Of Cancer

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01 Sep 2015