Flue-Gas-Influenced Heavy Metal Bioaccumulation by the Indigenous Microalgae Desmodesmus Communis LUCC 002


Desmodesmus communis LUCC 002 was cultivated using flue gas originating from a coal-fired power plant as a carbon dioxide (CO2) source. The flue gas contains various heavy metals. For investigating the fate of flue-gas-introduced metals on the cultivation system, bioaccumulation was measured in the microalgal biomass and milieu. The accumulated biomass was found to contain eight heavy metals: arsenic, chromium, barium, lead, selenium, silver, cadmium, and mercury. High heavy metal accumulations were also found in the control group of algae grown without the addition of flue gas at the same location. Further testing revealed that some of the heavy metals originated from well water used in the cultivation. The flue-gas-influenced bioaccumulation pattern of different heavy metals was observed. The responses of individual heavy metals and the influence of well water microbial flora on the algal growth were investigated, this study showed that hormesis was developed by the D. communis LUCC 002.



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Arsenic; Barium; Cadmium; Carbon Dioxide; Chromium; Heavy Metal; Lead; Mercury; Selenium; Silver; Well Water; bioaccumulation; Carbon Dioxide; Carbon Emission; Coal-fired Power Plant; Cultivation; Heavy Metal; Indigenous Population; Microalga; Well Water; algal Growth; Article; Bioaccumulation; Biomass; Controlled Study; Desmodesmus Communis; Flue Gas; Hormesis; Microalga; Microflora; Nonhuman; Nucleotide Sequence; algae; Desmodesmus Communis

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01 Feb 2015