Strategic Aspects of Higher Education Reform to Cultivate Specialists in Diagnostic and Biopharma Industry as Applicable to Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine as the Medicine of the Future


Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine as the Medicine of the Future represents an innovative model for advanced healthcare and robust platform for relevant industrial branches for diagnostics and pharmaceutics. However, rapid market penetration of new medicines and technologies demands the implementation of reforms not only in the spheres of biopharmaceutical industries and healthcare, but also in education. Therefore, the problem of the fundamental, modern preparation of specialists in bioengineering and affiliated fields is becoming particularly urgent, and it requires significant revision of training programs of higher education practice into current medical universities. Modernization and integration of widely accepted medical and teaching standards require consolidation of both the natural sciences and medical sciences that may become the conceptual basis for a university medical education. The main goal of this training is not simply to achieve advanced training and expansion of technological skills, but to provide development of novel multifaceted approaches to build academic schools for future generations.



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Bioinformatics; Companion Diagnostics; Drug Design; Education; Innovation; Integration Of Science And Education; Pharma Industry; Predictive; Preventive And Personalized Medicine; Targeting; Translational Medicine

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01 Sep 2015