Magnetic Structure of DyFe₃


Powder neutron diffraction measurements have been carried out on the intermetallic compound DyFe3 at 4 and 295 K. A modified Rietveld profile refinement program was used to fit the neutron data. It was found that a non-collinear magnetic structure model in the a-c plane, gives a satisfactory fit to the data measured at 4 and 295 K. At 4 K, the iron moments on the three crystallographically non-evuivalent sites lie at 253.6° to the c avis, having a magnitude of 2.2 μB; the dysprosium moments on the two non-evuivalent sites lie at 71.8° and 51.5° to the c-avis, having magnitudes of 9.8 μB and 9.6 μb, respectively. At 295 K, the moments of iron, Dy1, and Dy11 are reduced to 1.9 μB, 6.9 μB, and 6.5 μB, respectively, and all these moments lie closer to the basal plane than at the lower temperature. The magnetivation per formula unit of the refined structure, 3.8 μB, is in good agreement with the evperimental value. The orientation of the iron moments determined from the neutron data is compared with the results of a Mössbauer spectrum study of the compound. © 1986.



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01 Jan 1986