Fabrication of Soy Oil Epoxy Resin Based Composites


A renewable resource derived epoxidized ester - Epoxidized Allyl Soyate (EAS) yields a versatile epoxy resin system that can be used in pure form combination with bis - phenol epoxy systems to obtain high strength composite materials. EAS containing composites materials exhibit higher toughness and impact resistance than the traditional bis-phenol epoxy composites. These resin systems were found to be compatible with different fibers and screens such as glass fibers, glass mats, carbon fibers and metallic wire screens including those obtained from an automobile tire recycling process. The materials were tested for mechanical properties including tensile and flexure strengths. The highest tensile strength was observed with stainless steel screen incorporated composites, the ultimate tensile strength of such material was found to be ∼ 39 MPa. Tensile strengths of material obtained by incorporating glass fiber, aluminum screen, stainless steel screen and steel wire mesh comprised of steel wires recovered from scrap tires were evaluated. Tensile strengths of materials with stainless screen and screen made from scrap tire steel were an order of magnitude higher than the materials with glass fiber or aluminum screens.



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01 Jan 2008