Enhanced Detection of Nitroaromatic Vapors with a Cryotrap and Solute Modulation Through Electron Attachment Reactions


An integrated approach for enhanced detection of nitroaromatic compounds in the vapor phase is being investigated. The approach involves the use of a very low volume cryoconcentrator with rapid desorbing capabilities. The concentrator desorber is coupled to solute modulated detection systems. Modulation of nitroaromatics via electron attachment reactions holds potential for nitroaromatics because of high electron affinity of these compounds. Under suitable conditions, i.e., low solute concentration and high electron population, these reactions occur at coulometric limits. The results show that the concentrator system permits rapid, quantitative enrichment of semivolatile nitroaromatics. Results of electron attachment reaction show that these reactions lead to disintegration of nitroaromatic radicals while the potentially interfering compounds such as polyhalogenated aromatics undergo hydrochlorination and yield distinctive products. These differences can be used for modulation of nitroaromatic compounds at low concentrations.

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Detection and Remediation Technologies for Mines and Minelike Targets III (1998: Apr. 1-3, Orlando, FL)



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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Aromatic Compounds; Bombs (Ordnance); Concentration (Process); Desorption; Electrons; Explosives; Lead Compounds; Mines; Modulation; Pollution; Remediation; Vapors; DNT; Electron Attachment; Enrichment; Explosive Vapors; Land Mines; TNT; Electron Affinity

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01 Apr 1998