Development and Characterization of Soy Based Plastics


Novel soy based plastics have been developed through interactions of epoxidized allyl soyate (EAS) resin with soy protein isolate (SPI) or soy flour (SF). Interactions between EAS and SPI / SF in the presence of suitable hardeners yield materials with varying properties. Thermal and mechanical properties as well as the environmental stability of the EAS-SPI and EAS-SF derived plastics were examined using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), standardized mechanical tests and accelerated aging in a controlled environmental chamber. Particular attention was paid to the effects of formulations on the properties of the materials. The mechanical test results showed that modulus and strength of the materials can be manipulated by changing formulation and materials with varying properties can be readily synthesized. Properties of EAS derived materials were compared with those of SPI-glycerol derived materials. In all cases, the EAS derived materials showed vastly superior mechanical properties than the SPI-glycerol materials. In addition EAS derived materials were much more resistant to accelerated aging than the SPI-glycerol derived materials. The results showed that EAS-SPI and EAS-SF formulations can yield highly flexible materials or very rigid high strength materials, which can be used for variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

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SAMPE '06: Creating New Opportunities for the World Economy (2006: Apr. 30 - May 4, Long Beach, CA)



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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Aging Of Materials; Epoxy Resins; Glycerol; Hardening; Molecular Interactions; Epoxidized Allyl Soyate (EAS) Resins; Soy Based Plastics; Soy Epoxy Resins; Soy Flour; Soy Protein Isolates; Plastics

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01 Apr 2006

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