(Pb(II)) is one of the heavy metals compounds founds in the industrial wastes that needs to be removed from treated wastewater. Emulsion liquid membrane (ELM) has been introduced as an emerging technology for advanced wastewater and water treatment. This emerging technology of treatment can be intensified by strategically adding the hydrophobic ionic liquid of [OMIM][PF6] and ({[BMIM]+ [NTf2]-) ionic liquid to organic membrane phase (O) to facilitate the industrial implementation of ELM with ionic liquid. The results show that with the use of 5% (V/V) [OMIM][PF6] ionic liquid has increased the removal efficiency to 70.37% in reaction time of 5 minutes and both the stability and extraction activity of ELM are enhanced (2–3 times greater than the ELM alone). The outcomes of this work can be extended to other heavy metal removal from industrial wastewater and water.

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5th International Symposium on Innovation & Technology in the Phosphate Industry, SYMPHOS 2019 (2019: Oct. 7-9, Ben Guerir, Morocco)


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Center for High Performance Computing Research


Last revised: 24 Oct 2020

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Emulsion Liquid Membrane Technique; Lead Removal; Industry Wastewater; D2EHPA Extractant; Ionic Liquid ({[BMIM]+ [NTf2]-); [OMIM][PF6]

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15 May 2020