Erratum To: Chitosan Nanofibers for Transbuccal Insulin Delivery: Transbuccal Insulin Delivery (Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, (2017), 105, 5, (1252-1259), 10.1002/Jbm.a.35984)


The authors regret the inadvertent swap of CS:PEO50 and CS:PEO20 in the first column of Table 4 and the incorrect quantitative comparison presented in Figure 5 legend. The corrected Table 4 and the figure legend of Figure 5 are shown below.

The Insulin Permeability Coefficient and R2 of The Cumulative Flux Curve for CS:PEO Fiber Blends and Naked Insulin (Table presented.)

FIGURE 5. Chitosan enhances insulin transbuccal permeability. Insulin transport across the buccal membrane was determined using a Franz diffusion cell. Measurements of the insulin concentration of the acceptor chamber showed that membranes were largely impermeable to both dissolved insulin and the lower chitosan blend ratios, with those groups delivering < 1% of their total protein over 6 h. CS:PEO20 fibers however showed significantly higher insulin delivery over the other groups at all time points. The permeability coefficient of the buccal mucosa to each of these insulin compounds was calculated from the steady state flux region of the tests and CS:PEO20 fibers showed around a 80- to 170-fold increase in permeability over the other fiber blends and a 16-fold increase over naked insulin.


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