A Hybrid Dendrimer Hydrogel as Bone Tuberculosis Defect Scaffold for Regeneration and Chemotherapy


Statement of Purpose: The effective treatment of serious bone tuberculosis is suggested to combine chemotherapy and bone regeneration.1 A multicomponent hybrid dendrimer hydrogel (HDH) is developed by integrating dendrimer, dendrimer/silver nanoparticle (Ag NP) complex, mesoporous silica nanoparticle (MSN) into a well-defined gelation system based on Aza-Michael addition cross-linking strategy.2 The introducing of MSN and Ag NP enhanced the mechanical properties of HDH significantly compared to plain dendrimer hydrogel, which makes the HDH ideal to be used as bone regeneration scaffold. The hybrid hydrogel provides multiple sites for drug loading to realize drug release kinetics at different time scale. In this study, a water-soluble isoniazid is loaded to the cross-linking network of the hybrid dendrimer hydrogel, whereas a hydrophobic rifampicin is encapsulated into the mesoporous of MSN.

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42nd Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting and Exposition 2019: The Pinnacle of Biomaterials Innovation and Excellence (2019: Apr. 3-6, Seattle, WA)


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Addition reactions; Bone; Chemotherapy; Dendrimers; Gelation; Hydrogels; Nanoparticles; Silica; Silica nanoparticles, Aza-Michael addition; Bone regeneration; Different time scale; Drug release kinetics; Gelation systems; Hybrid hydrogels; Mesoporous silica nanoparticles; Multicomponents, Drug delivery

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06 Apr 2019

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