Adsorption in a Stratified Column Bed Packed with Porous Particles Having Partially Fractal Structures and a Distribution of Particle Diameters


Stratified column bed systems whose sections are formed by packing adsorbent particles with a partially fractal structure are proposed and studied. The simulation results clearly show that the breakthrough times and the shape of the breakthrough curves obtained from stratified column beds are significantly larger and sharper than those obtained from conventional columns. The stratified column beds provide, to the designer and user of chromatographic column systems, more degrees of freedom with respect to the number of parameters and variables that could be controlled in the design, construction, and operation of efficient chromatographic adsorption systems. Furthermore, the results suggest that the stratified column beds could provide a higher dynamic adsorptive capacity than conventional columns when it is required to increase the column throughput.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Adsorptive Capacity; Break through Curve; Fractal Structures; Frontal Analysis; Stratified Column Beds; Adsorption; Chromatography; Porous Materials; Fractals; Porous Polymer; Adsorption Kinetics; Chromatography; Fractal Analysis; Particle Size; Porosity; Procedures, Parameters and Devices; Random Sample; Simulation; Breakthrough Curves; Dynamic Utilization of Adsorptive Capacity; Porous Adsorbent Particles with a Partially Fractal Structure; Stratified Column Beds

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01 Apr 2012

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