Selective Oxidation of Hydrocarbons Via Supercritical Wet Oxidation


Wet oxidation is a chemical process in which oxidation reactions take place under a water blanket. Supercritical water also exhibits very strong solvent power toward most chemicals species. This dramatically increased solvating power is due to the sharp increase of the fluid density as well as the polar nature of th fluid. Also, since many organics are completely miscible in supercritical water, the problem of mass transport resistances can be eliminated, thereby achieving a complete and unhindered oxidation reaction. Since oxidation reactions are also exothermic, the high thermal mass of supercritical water makes this reaction medium better suited for thermal control and heat dissipation. This article describes the components of a pilot plant and potential applications of this technique.

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Symposium on Catalytic Selective Oxidation


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Chemical Equipment; Hydrocarbons

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1992

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