Cobeneficiation of Coals in Perchloroethylene Extraction Desulfurization


The perchloroethylene (PCE) coal refining process has been investigated for its process feasibility, operational reproducibility, organic sulfur selectivity, process efficiency, minimization of residual chlorine by steam stripping and process optimization. It was found that some coals result in a better organosulfur extraction than others. It was also confirmed that the PCE extraction process was a hybrid system of chemical reaction and physical solvation. It was further established that the coals giving a higher organosulfur extraction contain some naturally available ingredients, which promote the extraction process. Coals giving a much lower organosulfur extraction lack these species. This paper focuses on demonstration of the process feasibility of cobeneficiating both types of coals, together. In this novel process, both types of coal are blended together in fixed proportions and subjected to the PCE process. This process of cobeneficiating coals is industrially significant because of its cost effectiveness. It not only removes the organosulfur from one type of coal, but also significantly improves the organosulfur extraction from the other.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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01 Jan 1993