Rates And Equilibria Of Adsorption And Desorption Of Propane And Propylene On 13X Molecular Sieves Determined Experimentally Using A Differential Sorption Bed System


An adsorption/desorption system (apparatus) involving a differential sorption bed was constructed, and experimental procedures were developed to measure quickly and with reasonable accuracy adsorption and desorption rate and equilibrium data. The experimental adsorption and desorption rate and equilibrium data of propane and propylene in particles of 13X molecular sieves were measured with this experimental system for different adsorbate concentrations and temperatures and are presented in this work. The results indicate that the adsorption rates of propylene are higher than those of propane. There are differences, most often at earlier times, between the adsorption and desorption rates. The magnitude of the differences depends in a complex way on the concentration of the adsorbates and the temperature of the system. The potential use of the rate and equilibrium data of this work with respect to adsorption/desorption model building, parameter estimation, model discrimination, and adsorption/desorption process design is also discussed. © 1992.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


National Science Foundation, Grant CTS 8902843

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adsorption rates and equilibria; desorption rates and equilibria; differential sorption bed system; molecular sieves 13X; propane; propylene

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01 Jan 1992