Theory Of Perfusion Chromatography


A mathematical model of perfusion chromatography was constructed for column systems. This model could describe the dynamic behavior of single- and multi-component adsorption in columns having perfusive adsorbent particles (the perfusive particles have a non-zero intraparticle fluid velocity). The model expressions for the adsorbent particles include the intraparticle mass transfer mechanisms of convection (intraparticle fluid flow) and diffusion and the mass transfer step involving the interaction between the adsorbate molecules and the active sites on the surface of the porous particles. The continuity expression for the fluid flowing stream in the column includes the mechanism of axial dispersion. When the intraparticle fluid velocity is taken to be equal to zero in the model of perfusion chromatography, the resulting expressions could describe single- and multi-component adsorption in columns having purely diffusive particles. The perfusion chromatographic model was solved and used to study the dynamic behavior of column systems for different particle sizes, column lengths, column fluid superficial velocities, intraparticle fluid velocities and different values of the effective pore diffusivity and of the total number of active sites per volume of adsorbent. Columns with perfusive adsorbent particles and columns with purely diffusive adsorbent particles were considered in this work. The dynamics of the interaction mechanisms of the adsorption step of the systems studies in this work are (a) relatively not fast, (b) relatively fast and (c) infinitely fast. The values of certain variables which could be used to evaluate column performance, and also the breakthrough curves obtained from columns having perfusive adsorbent particles, were compared with those obtained from columns involving purely diffusive adsorbent particles. The results from the systems studied in this work suggest that for adsorption systems having relatively fast or infinitely fast interaction kinetics (that is, the dynamics or the interaction step between the adsorbate molecules and the active sites are relatively fast or infinitely fast), the use of perfusive particles could have the potential to provide improved column performance. © 1992.


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22 May 1992