The Liquid Flow and Mixing Behavior in Bubble Columns is Partially Described by Means of Global Liquid Recirculation Velocity Profile. Due to the Complex Character of the Flow in Bubble Columns, the Prediction of the Axial Liquid Circulation is Still a Difficult Task. in This Work, the Following Correlation is Proposed for the Liquid Recirculation Profile: VLO/ VL(R)= 1 - 2.65 * N0.44 * C[R/r] 2.65, N0.442,c , Where N and C Are the Gas Radial Holdup Profile Parameters Evaluated by the Correlations Proposed by Wu, Ong and Al-Dahhan (Chemical Engineering Science, 56 (2001) 1207-1210). N = 2.188 X 103 ReG-0.598 Frg0.146 MoL-0.004, C = 4.32 X 10 -2 ReG0.2492. the Predictions of the Developed Liquid Circulation Correlation Agree Well with the Experimental Data Obtained in Our Laboratory and Reported in Literature. the Model is Simple and is Easy to Use as an Engineering Tool to Assess the Liquid Recirculation in Bubble Columns. © 2001 Elsevier Science Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


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Axial liquid velocity; Bubble columns; Correlation

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01 Feb 2001