Liquid-Solid Fluid Dynamics Has Been Investigated in a 6-In. (0.15 M) "Cold-Flow" Circulating Fluidized Bed Riser using Non-Invasive Flow Monitoring Methods. Gamma-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) Was Used to Measure the Time-Averaged Cross-Sectional Solids Volume Fraction Distributions at Several Elevations. the Time-Averaged Mean and "Fluctuating" Solids Velocity Fields Were Quantified using the Computer-Automated Radioactive Particle Tracking (CARPT) Technique. the Experimental Equipment, Protocol of Implementation, and Data Analysis Have Been Discussed Briefly, with Particular Emphasis on the Specific Features in the Use of These Techniques for Studying High-Density Turbulent Flows as in a Liquid-Solid Riser. the Experimental Study Examines Nine Operating Conditions, that Is, Three Liquid Superficial Velocities and Three Solids Flow Rates. the Solids Holdup Profile is Found to Be Relatively Uniform Across the Cross Section of the Riser, with Marginal Segregation Near the Walls. the Time-Averaged Solids Velocity Profiles Are Found to Have a Negative Component at the Walls, Indicating Significant Solids Backmixing. Detailed Characterization of the Solids Velocity Fields in Terms of RMS Velocities, Kinetic Energies, Hurst Exponents, Residence Time Distributions, Trajectory Length Distributions, Dispersion Coefficients, and So Forth Are Presented. Comparative and Symbiotic Analyses of the Results Were Used to Develop a Coherent Picture of the Solids Flow Field. in Addition, the Work Also Serves to Demonstrate the Power and Versatility of These Flow-Imaging Techniques in Studying Highly Turbulent and Opaque Multiphase Systems. © 2005 American Institute of Chemical Engineers.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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CARPT; Liquid-solid riser; Solids flow pattern; Solids volume fraction; Tomography

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01 Mar 2005