The Monolith Bed is One of the Promising Catalytic Reactors for a Number of Chemical Gas-Liquid-Solid Processes. in the Present Work, Liquid Saturations for Five Different Monoliths Have Been Investigated Experimentally in a Cold-Flow Unit with a Reactor Diameter of 5.0 Cm. the Influences of Gas and Liquid Flow Rates and of the Direction of Two-Phase Flow on Liquid Saturation Were Examined. the Results Indicate that the Direction of Flow Has No Significant Influence on Liquid Saturation for Proper Gas-Liquid Distribution. the Experimental Results Are in Good Agreement with Predictions of the Drift Flux Model using the Distribution Parameter Proposed by Ishii (ANL Report ANL-77-47, 1977) Along with the Assumption of Zero Drift Velocity. in Preliminary Experiments, Gamma-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) Has Been Successfully Applied to Measure Time-Averaged Liquid Distribution over the Monolith Cross-Section in a Selected Condition. the Employment of a Nozzle-Type Distributor Provides an Almost Uniform Liquid Distribution over the Monolith Substrate. It is Demonstrated that CT is a Viable Technique for Studying Two-Phase Flow in Laboratory-Scale Monolith Reactors. © 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Bayer, Grant None

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Computed tomography; Flow distribution; Hydrodynamics; Liquid saturation; Monolith; Multiphase flow

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01 Jun 2005