The Gas Holdup and Bubble Characteristics Are Key Parameters that Affect the Performance of Bubble Columns. an Experimental Study of the Effect of Heat Exchanging Internals on the Gas Holdup, Bubble Dynamics, and their Radial Profiles is Performed. an Air-Water System is Used in a Plexiglas Column 45 Cm (18 In.) in Diameter. Internals Configurations Mimicking Those Typical for the Liquid-Phase Methanol Synthesis and Fischer-Tropsch Process and Covering 5% and 25%, Respectively, of the Total Cross-Sectional Area of the Column, Are Investigated. High Superficial Gas Velocities that Fall within the Churn Turbulent Flow Regime, Which Are of Interest for Most Industrial Applications, Are Applied. an Increase in the Gas Holdup is Observed for the Dense Internals Structure. a Decrease in the Bubble Chord Length and a Vigorous Recirculation Behavior Are Also Obtained as a Result of the Insertion of the Internals. © 2012 American Chemical Society.


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09 Jan 2013