In our modern, digital world, the critical role of information technology makes data management an important research topic. This paper curates data management research at MIS Quarterly as it has progressed from its early context of understanding requirements of relatively simple information systems to the sophisticated and complex systems of today. In the following sections, we discuss the focus of this curation, the themes of data management, and the progression of research over time. We reviewed each paper published in MISQ since its inception, assessing the paper's relevance to the curation's theme. Because of the ubiquity of the word 'data' in MISQ papers, we performed this review manually rather than relying on keyword searches. We iteratively classified the relevant papers into 5 themes based on consensus. Our final curation includes 81 papers. To keep the text concise, we eschew citations from the paragraphs below and instead include them in the associated tables that follow. 1. Focus of Research Curation Nearly all aspects of business and society are affected by initiatives involving the capture, storage, and use of data: artificial symbols that are employed to represent states of reality. With the increased reliance on digital data (symbols represented via binary code), the field of data management emerged in the 1970s: the same decade in which MIS Quarterly was launched. In fact, the first issue of the journal included a paper on data management. Since then, data management has become increasingly important. With organizations embarking on digital transformation programs, data has become a central driver of how organizations operate and are managed. 2. Themes of Data Management We define the field of data management as an area of study that investigates and develops activities and methods to conceptualize, collect, curate, consume and control data to support insight, analysis, and action. We, thus, establish the 5Cs of Data Management, shown in Figure 1 and use them to classify the significant research that has been carried out in information systems, as reported in MIS Quarterly.


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