Evaluation of Health Information Systems Research in Information Systems Research: A Meta-Analysis


Given the importance of the health-care industry and the promise of health information systems, researchers are encouraged to build on the shoulders of giants as the saying goes. The health information systems field has a unique opportunity to learn from and extend the work that has already been done by the highly correlated information systems field. As a result, this research article presents a past, present and future meta-analysis of health information systems research in information systems journals over the 2000—2015 time period. Our analysis reviewed 126 articles on a variety of topics related to health information systems research published in the "Senior Scholars" list of the top eight ranked information systems academic journals. Across the selected information systems academic journals, our findings compare research methodologies applied, health information systems topic areas investigated and research trends. Interesting results emerge in the range and evolution of health information systems research and opportunities for health information systems researchers and practitioners to consider moving forward.


Business and Information Technology

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Article; Human; Medical information system; Meta analysis; Physician; Scientist; Health care; Health information management; Health information technology; Health-care information systems

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1460-4582; 1741-2811

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01 Mar 2019