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"Much has been written on the comparative efficiency of the various sorts of crushing machines used in the art of Ore Dressing, but it must be confessed that the subject has by no means been reduced to one of the exact sciences as yet. This is rather a sad condition of affairs, for as is of course apparent to the most casual observer, the whole fabric of ore dressing rests and depends to a large degree on the efficiency and economy of the crushing machinery. Inefficient crushing means high costs, irrespective of the thoroughness and cheapness with which the ensuing operations are carried out. Numerous and varied experiments have been carried out for the purpose of determining some means of comparing the work done by the various types of crushers, and Richards, in his admirable Text Book of Ore Dressing, gives the results of personal investigations on the subject. Of the multifarious and ingenious formulae and theories advanced, only two have stood the test, those of Stadtler and of Rittinger. While neither of these two is scientifically exact, involving as the do, an empirical coefficient, yet they are the best we have at present. The following investigations were conducted with a view of determining the comparative vale and usefulness of the two methods, and while the work is far from being conclusive, yet there are points which will well repay consideration"--Introduction, Page 1.


Mining Engineering

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B.S. in Mining Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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ii, 32 pages, 25 plates


© 1914 Clyde Willis Hall and Walter Henry Wager, All rights reserved.

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Crushing machinery -- Analysis

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T 334

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Table 1

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Table 2

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Table 3

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Table 4

Hall_1914_Plate_05.tif (141608 kB)
Granite Thru Gyratory

Hall_1914_Plate_06.tif (141667 kB)
Chert Thru Blake-1

Hall_1914_Plate_07.tif (137616 kB)
Thru Blake-2

Hall_1914_Plate_08.tif (142180 kB)
Chert Thru Dodge-1

Hall_1914_Plate_09.tif (141878 kB)
Chert Thru Dodge-2

Hall_1914_Plate_10.tif (141111 kB)
Hematite Thru Blake

Hall_1914_Plate_11.tif (141961 kB)
Granite Thru Rolls

Hall_1914_Plate_12.tif (141661 kB)
Calcite Thru Rolls

Hall_1914_Plate_13.tif (141392 kB)
Zinc Ore Thru Gyratory

Hall_1914_Plate_14.tif (141806 kB)
Zinc Ore Thru Blake

Hall_1914_Plate_15.tif (141716 kB)
Calcite Thru Dodge

Hall_1914_Plate_16.tif (141818 kB)
Granite Thru Gyratory-2

Hall_1914_Plate_17.tif (140983 kB)
Chert Thru Rolls

Hall_1914_Plate_18.tif (123367 kB)
Hematite Thru Dodge

Hall_1914_Plate_19.tif (141495 kB)
Zinc Ore Thru Rolls

Hall_1914_Plate_20.tif (141719 kB)
Hematite Thru Gyratory

Hall_1914_Plate_21.tif (141298 kB)
Hematite Thru Dodge

Hall_1914_Plate_22.tif (140952 kB)
Hematite Thru Rolls

Hall_1914_Plate_23.tif (144456 kB)
Zinc Ore Thru Dodge

Hall_1914_Plate_24.tif (142096 kB)
Calcite Thru Blake

Hall_1914_Plate_25.tif (142329 kB)
Calcite Thru Gyratory