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Mining and construction of a smelter for the production of zinc white from western lead zinc ores


"On account of the high price of the old Dutch process of making white lead and the undesirability of sublimed white-lead as the bulk of the pigment, the use of zinc-white as an adulterant of the lead-white made by the old Dutch process is new extensively used by all paint manufacturers. The advantages of its use in conjunction with white-lead in the manufacture of white paints is the fact that it does not combine with sulphur as does white-lead itself. The specifications of the U. S. Light-house Dept. require 75% of zinc-oxide and 25% of white lead as a mixture. Over 75% of the zinc-oxide manufactured is used in the compounding of rubber goods. The zinc-oxide mixes well with other pigments, especially with white-lead. The zinc-white made from the ore is more durable and is considerably cheaper than that made from spelter. The zinc-white gives a much purer and a more decided white than lead-white. The absorbent properties of the zinc-white paint are considerably less than that of the pure lead-white paint. The property of flexibility in zinc-white paint gives it quite a demand for use in the manufacture of oil cloth"--page 1.


Mining Engineering

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B.S. in Mining Engineering


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Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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35 pages, 18 plates


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Zinc oxide
Zinc mines and mining

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T 161

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Plate0001.tif (27703 kB)
Map - New Mexico - Santa Clara Sheet

Plate0002.tif (35769 kB)
Map - Geological Section of Claims

Plate0003.tif (61337 kB)
Map - Cross Section

Plate0004.tif (42211 kB)
Schematic - Tramway Loading Station

Plate0005.tif (19023 kB)
Design of Towers

Plate0006.tif (41420 kB)
Crushing Plant & Flow Sheet

Plate0007.tif (36554 kB)
Oxidizing Furnaces

Plate0008.tif (36785 kB)
Roasting Furnaces - 1

Plate0009.tif (42339 kB)
Roasting Furnaces - 2

Plate0010.tif (20564 kB)
Gas Main

Plate0011.tif (36772 kB)
Bag House - 1

Plate0012.tif (41306 kB)
Bag House - 2

Plate0013.tif (40123 kB)
Power Plant

Plate0014.tif (39875 kB)
Map - Camp Site

Plate0015.tif (42786 kB)
Gas Producer Plant

Plate0016.tif (39199 kB)
Roof Truss for Bag House

Plate0017.tif (20435 kB)
Water Cooler