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Pursuit of Linguistic Insight


Cohen, Gerald Leonard, 1941-


Arts, Languages, and Philosophy

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Table of Contents

Preface – iv

Gerald Cohen: Towards a better linguistics textbooks – 1

Gerald Cohen: Etymology of Indo-Iranian ā̆rya ‘Aryan’ - 16

Gerald Cohen: Origin of the -j- suffix in Common Slavic *nasjo- ‘our’, *vasjo- ‘your’ – 40

Yakov Malkiel: The etymology, transmission, and derivational structure of Spanish torbellino: studies in an outgrowth of Western Tyrrhenian Latinity – 45

Nathan Susskind: Etymology of Yiddish daven- ‘pray’ – 67

Gerald Cohen: Contributions to the study of blending – 81

Gerald Cohen: Flat, flat out ‘simply’ – 95

Gerald Cohen: The accentuation of the short adjectives in Slavic: controversy and insight into general linguistics – 97

Gerald Cohen: Saussure, the great reconciler – 109

Gerald Cohen: Origin of the Linear B characters denoting A, E, I, U — 116

Gerald Cohen: Interjections as a source of standard morphological elements – 121

Gerald Cohen: Origin of the Greek particle de – 135

Gerald Cohen: Plural first, then singular – 137

Gary Bertrand: Clarifying the meaning and origin of Cajun fais-dodo – 140

Gerald Cohen: Why Zhivago in Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago? – 141

Gerald Cohen: Any conclusions? – 142

Index – 150


© 1988 Gerald Leonard Cohen, All rights reserved.

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01 Jan 1988