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Роль имплицитных х-компонентов значения в синтезе русских глагольных модификаций (на примере глаголов механической фонации)


The article examines the implicit components in the meaning of semantically modified derivatives. Using the methods of componential analysis of definitions from various Russian explanatory and aspectual dictionaries, the implicit components in the sound verbs’ meanings are inventoried. The impact of the relevant implicit components on the synthesis process is examined; the dichotomy of the implicit components of meaning and corresponding synthesizing prefixes is identified. The productivity and typical colloquial usage of synthesized derivatives is demonstrated using data from the Russian National Corpus.


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Verbs of Sound; Verbal Modifier; Modification; Implicitness; Implicit Meaning; Definitions’ Analysis; Synthesis of Russian Verbs; Mechanical Phonation; the Russian National Corpus

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2414-9411; 2500-2686

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01 Jan 2019