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Measurements in Turbulent Water Flows by Laser Anemometry


Measurements of the mean and rms values of the longitudinal velocity in a rectangular duct are reported. These results were obtained in a water flow using a laser anemometer. The important design criteria which facilitated the measurements are described and gradient, transit-time, noise and refractive-index corrections are specifically discussed. The results demonstrate the development of a rectangular duct flow and, in particular, reveal that a small lack of symmetry at the duct entrance can readily be identified in the normal- stress results, 37 hydraulic diameters downstream.

The possibility of utilizing water droplets in steam and gas bubbles in water to scatter light and thereby to assist laser-anemometer studies of turbulence is discussed. Experimental evidence obtained by the authors and their colleagues is used to support the conclusions.

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3rd Biennial Symposium on Turbulence in Liquids (1973: Sep., Rolla, MO)


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


The authors gratefully acknowledge the Central Electricity Generating Board for the financial support which made this paper possible.

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Article - Conference proceedings

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Invited Lecturer


Laser-Doppler Velocimetry

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