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Crack Prediction using Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis during Pattern Removal in Investment Casting Process
Haifeng Li, K. Chandrashekhara, S. N. Komaragiri, Semen Naumovich Lekakh, and Von Richards


Characterization and Modeling of Anisotropic SL Pattern during Investment Casting Process
Haifeng Li, J. Chen, K. Chandrashekhara, Mingzhi Xu, Semen Naumovich Lekakh, and Von Richards


Optimization of Melt Treatment for Austenitic Steel Grain Refinement
Semen Naumovich Lekakh, Jun Ge, Von Richards, Ronald J. O'Malley, and Jessica R. TerBush


High-Temperature Electrical Conductivity of Aluminium Nitride
Von Richards, Tsengying Tien, and Robert D. Pehlke


Mechanism for Carbon Transfer from Magnesia-Graphite Ladle Refractories to Ultralow-Carbon Steel
Andrew A. Russo, Jeffrey D. Smith, Ronald J. O'Malley, and Von Richards


Characteristics of Spinel Inclusions formed after Reoxidation of Calcium Treated Aluminum Killed Steel
Obinna Adaba, Pallava Kaushik, Ronald J. O'Malley, Semen Naumovich Lekakh, Von Richards, Erik Mantel, Randy Hall, and Eric J. Ellis


Review and Modeling of Energy Efficiency in American Steel Foundries
Jianxun He, Siddhartha Biswas, Todd P. Sander, Semen Naumovich Lekakh, Jeffrey D. Smith, Von Richards, and Kent D. Peaslee


Mechanical Properties of Ce0.9Gd0.1O2-x and Ce0.9Gd0.1O2-x+Al2O3 Composites
Jules L. Routbort, Kenneth C. Goretta, Rajiv C. Doshi, Von Richards, Michael Krumpelt, Jeff B. Wolfenstine, and Antonio Ramirez De Arellano Lopez

*Updated as of 09/19/17.