RE-CAST Webinars


Webinars produced for the RE-CAST Tier-1 University Transportation Center from 2014 to the present are housed here.


Webinars from 2017

Concrete Pavement Containing High Volumes of Recycled Materials, Jeffery S. Volz

Webinars from 2016

Engineering Smart, Stimuli-Responsive Cementitious Composites, Raissa Ferron

The Future of Concrete may be in its past, Maria Juenger

CESTiCC, RE-CAST and ACI Alaska Chapter present: The Role of Cementitious Materials in the Next Decade, Antonio Nanni

Extending the Service Life of New Reinforced Concrete Structures by Using Advanced Composite Materials Workshop, Antonio Nanni

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of Corrosion Potential in Concrete Bridge Decks, Hani H. Nassif

An Overview of a Network-wide Probabilistic Life Cycle Cost Analysis Methodology and Implementation Framework for New Concrete based Materials and Construction Techniques, Kaan Ozbay

Bespoke FRP Reinforcement for Optimized Concrete Structures, Saverio Spadea

Webinars from 2015

Connected Vehicle Technology: Current Efforts, Demonstration and Future Plans of FLDOT, Elizabeth Birriel

Recent Developments in Evaluating Pumping Behavior of Flowable and Self-Consolidating Concrete, Dimitri Feys

Shotcrete for Repair and Rehabilitation of Highway Facilities, Charles Hanskat

The Use of Resistivity Testing to Improve Concrete Quality, Lilie Hertell

Three-Dimensional Study of Concrete Microstructure using X-ray Computed Tomography, David Lange and Tyler Oesch

Advances in Concrete Science in the Last 50 Years, Surendra P. Shah

Webinars from 2014

Using the Super Air Meter to Evaluate Modern Air Entrained Concrete Mixtures, Tyler Ley

Extending the Life of Concrete Structures: FRCM Technology, Antonio Nanni