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Refugees; Survivors; Family; Emigrant; Castaway; Escapee; Outcast; Helping refugees; Immigration; Relocation; Fleeing; Travel; Wandering; Expedition; Migration; Voyage; Journey; Admission; Strife; Disunity; Disagreement; Conflict; Struggle; Stepping up; Care for; Lend a hand; Look after; Support; Encourage; Strengthen; Uphold; Guard; Insight; UNHCR; United States; Syria; Syrians; The Guardian; National Geographic; Missouri University of Science and Technology


This Podcast brings about conflicts throughout the world that many are oblivious to or ignorant towards.To connect ourselves to our audience, we not only speak of situations from around the world but we also bring in the opnions of an international student to speak on behalf of his fellow collegues. We reveal that there is more to the world than the black and white situation shown in social media so that the world may no longer be able to utter the phrase, “ignorance is bliss” and use it as an excuse for not helping others. We also provide different solutions and ways they are able to get involved so that not only our voice be heard but theirs as well. Showing that there is power in the multitude.


English and Technical Communication

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English 1120: Exposition and Argumentation

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English 1120: Schneider, Rachel M.


12 minutes, 46 seconds


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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