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Police; Community; Relations; Power of Three; San Bernardino; Outcasts United; NPR; Timothy Russell; Malissa Williams; Shooting; Reaction; Analysis


The strained relationship between communities and police worsens every day and will continue to without change. Our podcast tells the stories of different situations that support this claim. Then three speakers tell how these strained relations can lead to violent confrontations between officers and civilians through discussion with our differed opinions. The book Outcasts United is repeatedly referenced throughout the entire podcast by including certain stories from the book that go hand-in-hand with the real life situations. There are three main topics in the podcast, the first talks about two unarmed black civilians who were shot to death. The second is an interview with a Veteran police officer who shares his opinion on what the cause of this distrust is. The last topic is about the city of San Bernardino and how they are trying to fix it.


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English 1120: Schneider, Rachel M.


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