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Welcome; Super diversity; Warren St. John; Outcasts United; Immigration; Religion; Assimilation; Islam; Mexico; American dream; Parade of Nations, Rolla, Missouri; Festival of Lights; Indian hijab; Donald Trump; Terrorism; Adhitia Sofyan; I Won’t Go To Bed; NY Times; Wyoming Tribune; Greater Jihad; Lesser Jihad; Mark Oppenheimer; A World of Religious Diversity; Talk show


Podcast discussing the concept of what “super-diversity” is and what it means for society, specifically in the United States. Speaks specifically about defining super-diversity, providing examples for and against it, and talking about the ways that it influences the world around us. Additionally, the podcast describes and discusses the issues that many immigrants face when coming in to the United States, such as the fear of overriding the country’s current identity, and the fear of specific immigrants when it comes to topics such as terrorism. Concludes that super-diversity is here to stay, and that the best path forward is to embrace it and settle the issues many people have with the idea.


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English 1120: Exposition and Argumentation

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English 1120: Schneider, Rachel M.


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