Physics Dissertations

Physics Dissertations



Dissertations from 1996

A study of several rare-earth transition metal intermetallic compounds, Sanjay Ramnaresh Mishra

Quantitative non-destructive study of sub-micron defects in very large scale integrated-circuit silicon using transmitted and reflected infra-red laser scattering, Luciano Mule'Stagno

Dissertations from 1995

Electron and positron collision with hydrogen and alkali atoms, Vladimir E. Bubelev

Differential cross sections for double excitation of helium by proton impact using ion energy-loss spectroscopy, Win Tha Htwe

Seebeck coefficient in transition-metal-oxide small polaron hopping conductors, Daniel Burness Marsh

Dissertations from 1994

Electron double capture in proton-helium collisions, Joel A. Brand

Single ionization of helium by proton impact, Aron D. Gaus

Photoionization of laser excited barium, Lucy-Wenzhong He

Electrical properties and cation valences in the (La,Ca)(Cr,Co)O₃ system, Scott Richard Sehlin

New tunable laser sources for ³He and ⁴He optical pumping, Edward Franklin Stephens


Production and extraction of polarized electrons from an optically pumped helium discharge, Raymond James Vandiver

Dissertations from 1993

Theoretical studies of quasi-particle transport in disordered condensed phases, Barry D. Bookout

Two electron processes in proton-helium collisions, Samuel Wright Bross

Effects of substituting silicon and manganese for iron on the magnetic properties of several rare-earth transition-metal boron compounds, G. K. Marasinghe

Microstructure and magnetic properties of thin iron carbide films formed under plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, Haresh Gnaninda Samarasinghe Siriwardane

Polarized electron-noble gas atom collisions, Kanishka P. Wijayaratna

Dissertations from 1992

Atomic collision processes of interest in controlled thermonuclear fusion research, Victor Dewitt Irby

Ion-induced electron emission from metals, Joseph Francis Kirchhoff

Dynamics of electron removal from helium and molecular hydrogen by collisions with heavy particles, Luzheng Meng

Dissertations from 1991

Z dependence in electron capture by protons, Dean M. Blankenship

Dissertations from 1990

A Monte Carlo simulation of water clusters, Paul Joseph Kemper

The optical properties of liquids, metals, and minerals in the far-infrared, Lawrence Allen Newquist

Studies of stable silicon clusters and chemisorption of fluorine and oxygen on silicon surfaces by approximate molecular orbital theories, Tadashi Oshiro

Investigation of transport anomalies in La1-y SryCr₁₋ₓMnₓO₃, Ryne P. Raffaelle

Measurements of differential cross sections for H(2p) formation in intermediate energy proton-helium collisions using coincidence techniques, David Gene Seely

Tunable IR lasers for helium optical pumping, Padetha Tin

Dissertations from 1989

Corrosion and polarization characteristics of single crystal and polycrystalline zinc surfaces, Dharmalatha Abayarathna

Monte Carlo study of melting of a model bulk ice, Kyu-Kwang Han

A coupled-channel Born approximation study of atom-diatom reactive scattering, Clifford R. Klein

Dynamics of matter-, antimatter-atom collisions, David Robert Schultz

Dissertations from 1988

Theoretical studies of direct and resonant reactive scattering involving three-body systems, Chen Kwee Lutrus

Electron loss processes of one and two electron atoms colliding with ions, Alan E. Wetmore

Dissertations from 1987

Spin-dependent dissociative excitation in a laser pumped afterglow, Christopher Lee Bohler

Dissertations from 1986


Spectroscopy of the E state of iodine monofluoride and rotational energy transfer of the B state in collisions with He, using two-photon sequential absorption spectroscopy, Brian Keith Clark

A study of electron-ion and ion-ion recombination in atmospheric gas discharges, Michael Corbin Cornell

Monte Carlo studies of water monolayer nucleation on model silica substrates, Anthony Donald Reago

A study of quasi-one-electron systems: excitation of the active electron to its first excited state, Emmett Richter Redd

Dissertations from 1985

Corrosion in magnesium and a magnesium alloy (AZ91C) as modified by ion implantation, Sanay Akavipat

Optical properties of natural minerals in the far-infrared, Larry Lavern Long

The optical properties of solids in the far infrared and submillimeter regions, Mark Allen Ordal

Measurement of the far infrared optical properties of steel, aluminum, evaporated iron, and teflon FEP, Raymond E. Paul

Dissertations from 1984

Angular differential cross sections for the excitation of 1¹S helium to the 2¹S and 2¹P states by 25- to 100-keV proton impact, Thomas Jay Kvale

Using prisms to excite leaky waves or to launch surface electromagnetic waves, Gerald Kent Sirotiak

Dissertations from 1983

Homogeneous nucleation of nonane in argon using an expansion cloud chamber, Gregg Wesley Adams

Theoretical studies of water on substrates, Sergio M. Terrazas

Dissertations from 1982

A DWBA study of atom-diatom rearrangement collisions, Randall Wayne Emmons

The heterogeneous nucleation of ice on ion implanted silicon, William Henry Stinebaugh

Dissertations from 1981

Electron transport coefficients and excitation processes in gaseous mixtures containing mercuric bromide, Howard Lundgren Brooks

Boron implanted strontium titanate, Connie MacDonald Cooper

Kinetic processes in a high pressure laser generated plasma, Danny Joe Krebs

Dissertations from 1980

Angular differential cross sections for excitation of atomic hydrogen to its n=2 level by impact of 15-100 keV He⁺ ions, John Eldon Aldag

A molecular dynamics study of the stability of small prenucleation water clusters, Tze-Shan Chen

Amorphous-damage depth distributions and the amorphization of silicon by ion bombardment, Joseph Sadowski

Interface states in GaAs-oxide-metal Schottky diodes, Yen Chang Wu

Dissertations from 1979

Energy transfer collision studies in atomic and molecular beams: excited state polarization and reaction cross section measurements, David William Fahey

Negative ion charge transfer of the reaction of S⁻ and O⁻ with atomic hydrogen producing H⁻ ions from 1500 to 10 kev, George F. Hagner

Some extensions of Oguchi's method for magnetic systems, Mark Jursich

Effective potential function models of the water-surface interaction: Ice and AgI, Jerry Kiefer

Dissertations from 1978

Absolute angular differential cross sections for excitation of atomic hydrogen to its n=2 state by impact of 15-145 keV protons, Jerome Milton George

Dissertations from 1977

A study of the carbon auger spectra of graphite, TiC, VC and Cr₃C₂, Mark Alan Smith

The mobility spectra of positive ion hydrates in a mixture of argon and water vapor, Robert Ellis Thurman

An investigation into the scavenging and coagulation of fine particles, James E. Wegrzyn

Dissertations from 1976

A study of condensation-freezing nucleation of small water droplets in an expansion cloud chamber experiment, Rodney J. Anderson

Absorption in the infrared of surface electromagnetic waves by absorbed molecules on a copper surface, Kulbhushan Bhasin

Propagation distance of surface electromagnetic waves on two metal-oxide-air systems, David Alan Bryan

A study of the amorphization of silicon by ion implantation, John Robert Dennis

Empirical spectral representations obtained from attenuation data for a tungsten target x-ray tube operated from 10-70 kVCP, Leonard Arthur Heneke

A comprehensive chamber study of homogeneous nucleation of water over a wide range of temperatures and nucleation rates, Ronald C. Miller

Independent particle model relativistic correction factors for isotope shift, Ismail Sinan Ozkal

Energy transfer collisions in a flowing helium afterglow with additive impurities: emission spectra and radiative lifetimes, Frederick H. K. Rambow

Electron-hydrogen atom scattering in the presence of an electromagnetic field, John Thomas Reed III

Microwave measurements of the hydroxyl radical using emission microwave spectroscopy, David John Skipper

Dissertations from 1975

Total scattering cross section measurements for Argon on water vapor over the relative velocity range 650 to 1100 meters per second, Henry Eugene Berek Jr.

Evaluation of the transition density function of carbon on various substrates from KLL Auger spectrum. Application of Auger electron spectroscopy to the bulk-to-surface precipitation and surface diffusion of carbon on polysrystalline nickel, Juan F. Mojica

Dissertations from 1974


Cross sections for photoionization of the 6²P-fine structure levels of cesium, John Daniel Jones


Surface electromagnetic waves with damping I. Isotropic Media II. Anisotropic Media, Gary Shannon Kovener


Double reflection dips - from grating ruled semiconductors, Le-Fu Teng

Dissertations from 1973


A study of gas-surface interactions through sticking coefficient, condensation coefficient and sublimation rate measurements, Charles E. Bryson III


A stochastic theory of the stepwise growth of ice crystal surfaces, Andreas Kasimir Goroch


Hall effect measurements of the net ionic mobility in NaCl, NaBr and NaI, Suman Kumar Hukku


Charge transfer between Oˉ ions and O₂ molecules in the ground state and singlet delta excited state, Ronald Floyd Mathis


Auger satellites of the L₂₃ auger emission bands of Al, Si, and P, John Junior Melles


Absolute differential elastic and inelastic cross sections in 25-140 keV He⁺ + He collisions, Victor Pol

Dissertations from 1972


Ionization mechanisms in cesium, Yu Bong Hahn


The eikonal distorted wave Born approximation for the excitation of hydrogen by impact with hydrogen and helium in the intermediate energy range, Richard Homer Shields


Radiative and predissociative lifetimes of the A²Σ⁺ state of OH, Robert Allen Sutherland


Time resolved measurements of droplet growth in a Wilson cloud chamber, Michael Anthony Vietti


Diffusiophoretic forces between juxtaposed atmospheric particles, Allen L. Williams

Dissertations from 1971


Surface plasmon-longitudinal optical phonon contribution to the reflectivity of n-type InSb, William Eugene Anderson


Homogeneous nucleation of water vapor in inert gas atmospheres, Arthur Henry Biermann


Theory of nucleation of water properties of some clathrate like cluster structures, Mehdi Daee


Photoionization of photoexcited cesium, Robert E. Hebner


X-ray and Mössbauer spectroscopy studies of the silicon-antimony and bismuth-antimony alloys, James Ralph Teague


Absolute cross sections for excitation of neon by impact of 20-180 keV H , H₂ and He ions, George William York

Dissertations from 1970


Investigation into the monotonic magnetostriction and magnetic breakdown in cadmium, James Milo Carter


Radiative lifetime of the A¹π state and the transition moment variation of the fourth positive band system of carbon monoxide, Joseph George Chervenak


A quasi-lattice model of simple liquids, Jesse Herbert Collins


Theory of shallow donor impurity surface states, Vidal Emmanuel Godwin


Realistic impulsive P wave source in an infinite elastic medium, Joseph Hugo Hemmann


The surface effects of alkali halides in the infrared, Vincent Joseph Llamas