Mining and Nuclear Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 1996

Dynamic finite element analysis of Charpy impact tests for use in nuclear power plant life extension, Scott E. Sidener

Fine coal single stage dewatering and briquetting process, Matthew Thomas Tobey

The fabrication of commercial size coal logs using a hydrophobic binder, Brent Allen Ward

Theses from 1995

Direct solutions to the even-parity neutron transport equation, Scott Walter Drumm

Nuclear fuel pellet inspection using machine vision and artificial neural networks, Mark Le Roy Kelly

Effects of specimen size reduction on the transition curve of the Charpy V-notch impact test, Lonnie Eugene Schubert

Coal log compaction with hydrophobic binders for pipeline transportation, Bing Zhao

Theses from 1994

Dose rate measurements of the highly-enriched uranium fuel at the University of Missouri-Rolla reactor, Michelle Lynn Hill

Neutron fluence at the pressure vessel of a pressurized water reactor determined with the MCNP code, Peter Gyula Laky

Development of equipment for the application of high-pressure chemical jets to a heap leach gold ore, Edward G. Mitchell

Mineralized rock strength in the New Lead Belt of Missouri, David Lee Van Brakel

Theses from 1993

A thermocouple based proton beam profile monitor, Phillip D. Ferguson

Nature of incorporated water in hydrated potassium silicate glasses, William Joseph Reich

An experimental investigation of the effect of discontinuity frequency in pre-splitting, Syed M. Tariq

Theses from 1992

C-THERMOS : an integral neutron transport code with a cold neutron scattering kernel option, Yonkai Liao

Comparison of measured and calculated transmutation in copper at spallation neutron sources, Timothy Brian O'Hearn

Theses from 1991

Database analysis of slope stability for surface coal mine highwall planning, Russell Kenneth Hively

Dose rate determination of the highly-enriched uranium fuel at the University of Missouri-Rolla Reactor in preparation for transportation, Alice Ann Netzer

Analytical computer package for the University of Missouri-Rolla reactor, Tracy John Orf

Theses from 1990

Application of adaptive zoning to the finite element solution of the one-group diffusion equation in two dimensions, Bryan Edward Audsley

The use of indicator kriging to estimate the extent of mining in abandoned underground workings, Jason Ovanic

Theses from 1989

Neutronics study of the conversion of the University of Missouri-Rolla reactor to low enriched uranium fuel, Lorne J. Covington

Flow analysis of a pressurized water reactor core, Charles Ramon Daily

Determination of characteristics of the University of Missouri-Rolla reactor highly-enriched uranium fuel using the ORIGEN2 computer code, Jeffery Joel Smith

The effects of varying stemming lengths and bench heights on certain design variables and resultant fragmentation in bench blasting, Bruce Carlton Townes

Theses from 1988

Space based neutral particle beam platform prime power system and mass analysis, Bryan John Daiber

Beneficiation of ultrafine coals with the use of selective flocculation and oil agglomeration, Yungchin Ding

Effect of an annular connection between the plasma source and flux conserver on the properties of CTX spheromaks, Charles Matthew Hart

The influence of specimen size on Charpy impact testing of unirradiated HT-9, Brian Scott Louden

Theses from 1987

Mechanical and neutronic properties of neutron absorbing materials, Donald James Buth

X-ray imaging system for the Missouri Magnetic Mirror Prototype Experiment, Curtis David Eshelman

Obtaining the prime implicants of a system by utilizing dynamic core allocation, Linda M. Farrell

Data analysis for the soft x-ray imaging system, Houken Tseng

Drilling and blasting round design for an underground placer deposit in permafrost, David R. Ziegler

Theses from 1986

Fuel loading for a low-leakage core in a pressurized water reactor, Omar Ivan Aguilar

A determination of optimum delay between boreholes in single row bench blasting, Douglas R. Barlet

Dimensional change correlations for 20% cold worked AISI 316 stainless steel for fusion applications, Robert Wayne Clark

The influence of various blast casting designs on the percent cast and resulting economic benefits, Scott George Giltner

Experimental investigation of the effect of geological discontinuity conditions of rock splitting by blasting, Shijie Qu

A computer algorithm for locating underground atmospheric explosions ; utilizing shock wave first arrival times, William George Townsend

Computer-controlled-automated jumbo drilling robot manipulator, Jianchi Yao

Theses from 1985

Evaluation of a near-surface low-level radioactive waste disposal facility for the state of Missouri, Christine Lang Nelson

An investigation of the mechanics of percussive drilling, Rama Krishna Prasad

The influences of charge weight per delay, horizontal and vertical distances, charge diameter, and travel direction on surface ground vibration levels from blasting, Elmer Alberto Vidal

Theses from 1984

A study on fragmentation and ground vibration with air space in the blasthole, Everett Ellsworth Bleakney

The compositional and temperature dependence of radiation-induced void nucleation and swelling in austenitic alloys, Bahram Esmailzadeh

Resistance to airflow in timber prop-supported mine airways, Douglas Harold Heatherly

Calculation of neutron fluxes in and around the pressure vessel of a combustion engineering PWR, Keith Paul Hock

An evaluation of the fracture control blasting technique for drift round blasts in dolomitic rock, Stephen John McGroarty

A microcomputer geostatistical analysis program for optimal drift location, Neal Borden Nagel

Reduced ore dilution by controlled split round blasting in underground uranium mining, John R. Tripi

An evaluation of Westinghouse PWR reactor protection system, T. V. Vo

The effect of simulated detonator scatter on rock fragmentation and ground vibrations in single-row bench blasting, Wei Wu

Theses from 1983

Analyzing and predicting natural circulation in a SNUPPS's PWR using "RETRAN-01", Roger Lee Boyer

A theoretical and experimental investigation of single phase flow through a small centrifugal pump in three quadrants of operation, Lee Charles Cadwallader

Neutron energy spectrum calculations in a pressurized reactor, Lainsu Kao

Sodium diffusion and the leaching of simulated nuclear waste glass, Bernard Peter McGrail

Control of rock fragmentation through explosive coupling / Timothy Wayne Warden., Timothy Wayne Warden

Neutron transport calculation in a pressurized water reactor, Hsueh-Li Yin

Theses from 1982

The influence of explosive primer location on fragmentation and ground vibrations for bench blasts in dolomitic rock., Joseph Robert Brinkmann

Design of blasthole initiation delay intervals and apex angle for optimum V-cut cratering., Roger Lee Keller

Suitability of hot-ion mode tokamaks for commercial power., Joseph Scott Meachum

Fogging in underground mine atmospheres., Michael A. Schimmelpfennig

Theses from 1981

A study on the optimum planning reserve margin for the Missouri electric system using the Over/Under Capacity Planning Model., Stanton Willard Hadley

Theses from 1980

Diametric ultrasonic wave velocities in axially loaded rock specimens., Stephen Anthony Lang

Utilization of a nuclear power plant for the production of oil from the tar sands of Southwestern Missouri., Steven E. Miltenberger

Theses from 1979

The effect of borehole deviation on the economics of shaft sinking by ground freezing., Gerald Raymond Gronbeck

Computer simulation of surface mine haulage systems using GPSS., Li-Jen David Kuo

Cavitation resistance of rock., Philip Randolph Scott

Theses from 1978

Utilization of waste heat from the University of Missouri Research Reactor., Anek Punyakumleard

Evaluation of artificial coal seam construction for testing of the UMR Hydrominer., Ronny Jal Sadri

Theses from 1977

Optimization of the University of Missouri research reactor fuel cycle., Allen L. Camp

A fluid control system for the University of Missouri-Rolla Nuclear Reactor., Billy Roger McPherson

Analysis of a loss-of-coolant-accident in a consolidated nuclear steam generator, Gary Edward Mueller

Theses from 1976

Plasma temperature measurement - an experimental technique., Ralph John Davis

Development of a technique to study water penetration into shale using neutron radiography., Sheldon Andrew Easson Jr.

PRAS : A radiation damage simulation computer program for the winery system., Charles Milton Endsley

The interaction mechanisms and effects on gamma radiation on biosilicone elastomers., Dean Bruce Jones

The effects of gamma irradiation on RF plasma-formed polymers., William F. Oberbeck Jr.

Theses from 1975

Analysis of the stresses induced in rock by rock splitters., Diogenes De Jesus Chollett

Experimental study of electron density and confinement time in an electrostatically-plugged cusp device using a microwave interferometer., Robert Louis Hayward

Creep and stiffness of full column resin grouted roof bolts., Wesley Clare Patrick

Computer simulation of radiation effects in Fe₃Al by using alternating direction implicit numerical techniques., Dean Lewis Tibbitts

Decoupled explosive charge effects on blasting performance., Roberto Ucar

Theses from 1974


Waste heat utilization from a direct cycle high temperature gas cooled nuclear reactor for district heating and air conditioning, John Joseph Blase

Feasibility study of an electromagnetic trap fusion reactor., Dennis Gilbert Blondin

The effects of washout in polydispersed metalic aerosols., Jerry N. Burford


Calculation of the neutron flux in the side regions of the prestressed concrete reactor vessel of a high temperature gas cooled reactor, Richard Robert Kent Jr.


Possible damage mechanism in Dresden 2 class boiling water reactor fuel, Donald Lee Moffett


Post irradiation changes of the elastic modulus of aluminum, Dale A. Powers

Reliability analysis of the University of Missouri-Rolla Reactor., Jimmy Dale Schottel

Theses from 1973


Calculation of gamma-ray albedo using the Monte Carlo method, Ezatholah Aslani-Amoli


Break-even criteria for a pulsed D-T reactor, Kenneth Franklin Keller


The effect of explosive charge length of cratering, John M. Mason


Use of radioactive iodine evolved into reactor cooling water to locate defective fuel elements, Carl Mozel Stroud


Neutronics calculations of two fusion reactor blankets, James Edward Struve

Theses from 1972


Use of isotopes to reduce neutron-induced radioactivity and augment thermal quality of the environment of an underground nuclear explosion, Nathaniel Fred Colby


Experimental study of neutron reflection from a cylindrical surface, Dale Lee Holtzscher


Calculation of buildup factors for multilayer slab shields using the Monte Carlo method, John Paul Kuspa


Computer simulation of the primary recoil spectra and damage cross section of Fe₃Al using ENDF/B II data, Daniel Willard Smith