Performance of Dragline Hoist and Drag Ropes


Typical dragline rigging includes several sets of ropes: hoist ropes, drag ropes, dump ropes and boom suspension ropes. The drag and hoist ropes contribute most to the dragline operating cost. Both work in very difficult conditions and wear out rapidly. As a result, frequent rope changes are required resulting in substantial cost and productive time loss. Although performance of rigging has a profound impact on dragline efficiency, there are no common, industry accepted standards related to its selection, operation and maintenance. Little information on the subject is available and the practice differs widely throughout the industry. The performance of drag and hoist ropes depends on: rope construction that should closely match requirements of the specific application, rope operating conditions and its maintenance and correct definition and application of the rope discard criteria so that full advantage of the rope can be taken without endangering safety of its operation. This paper reviews the present practice related to all these factors. -Author


Mining and Nuclear Engineering

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