Dump Truck Operator Vibration Control in High-Impact Shovel Loading Operations


Singhal, Raj K.


The shovel-truck system is used in surface mines due to its flexibility, low-cost operations, maintainability and multi-face operating capability. Technological advances have resulted in large shovels and trucks for bulk, economic operations causing high-impact shovel loading operations (HISLO). The resulting HISLO impact forces cause significant vibrations, which are transmitted through the truck frame into an operator's cabin. Long-term exposure to these vibrations could cause lower back injuries, spine injuries and other musculoskeletal diseases. Previous research has focused on truck dynamic simulation using multi-body dynamics and finite element method within the haulage segment of the production chain. This article focuses on truck vibrations in the dumping process. Mathematical models are developed to capture the vibration response of an integrated operator-machine-material system. Virtual prototype models are developed to simulate the response of the integrated system suspension to vibrations in MSC.ADAMS. The results affirm the ineffectiveness of current suspension mechanisms to eliminate shock wave propagation into the operator's cabin during dumping, with adverse impact on operator's safety and health. © 2011 Taylor & Francis.


Mining and Nuclear Engineering

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Biomechanics Modelling; Hard Dumping; Simulation; Suspension Modelling

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Article - Journal

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