Analysis of Long Cantilever Cylindrical Shell Subjected to Wind Loading


Bending analysis of closed cylindrical shells subjected to asymmetric load and having different support conditions is of interest in the design of chimneys, water towers, oil storage tanks, etc. A simple method of analyzing a long cantilever cylindrical shell, subjected to asymmetric load, is presented in the paper, using Schorer's shell theory and orthogonal functions. The application of the solution has been illustrated with an example of a cantilever shell subjected to wind loads. The results obtained for this problem have been compared with the previously available results to illustrate the accuracy of the results obtained here. The solution presented can also be extended to a cylindrical shell with other support conditions, as well as to the study of free vibration of a cylindrical shell. The present solution will be very useful for designers who need to obtain numerical results for specific problems with minimum computational effort.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Assymetry; Loads; Cylindrical; Shells; Chimneys; Wind Loads; Bending; Analysis

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Article - Journal

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