Two-Dimensional Isotropic Scattering in a Semi-Infinite Cylindrical Medium


Beginning with the integral equation for the source function, the solutions for the source function, flux and intensity at the boundary of a two-dimensional, isotropically scattering cylindrical medium are found. The incident radiation is collimated and normal to the surface of the medium and depends only on the radial coordinate. For a Bessel function boundary condition, separation of variables is used to reduce the source function integral equation to a one-dimensional equation. The resulting integral equation is shown to be the same as that for the two-dimensional planar case. Solutions for other boundary conditions are then shown to be superpositions of the Bessel function solution. Numerical results are presented for a Gaussian distribution of incident radiation which closely models a laser beam. These multiple scattering results are compared to the single scattering approximation. Also, the solution for a strongly anisotropic phase function which is made up of a spike in the forward direction superimposed on an otherwise isotropic phase function is expressed in terms of the isotropic results. © 1978.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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