Three-Dimensional Radiative Transfer in an Anisotropically Scattering, Plane-Parallel Medium

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Generalized reflection and transmission functions


The problem of spatially varying, collimated radiation incident on an anisotropically scattering, plane-parallel medium is considered. A very general phase function is allowed. An integral transform is used to reduce the three-dimensional radiative transport equation to a one-dimensional form, and a modified Ambarzumian's method is applied to derive nonlinear integral and integro-differential equations for the generalized reflection and transmission functions. The integration is over the polar and azimuthal angles-this formulation is referred to as the double-integral formulation. The integral equations are used to illustrate symmetry relationships and to obtain single- and double-scattering approximations. The generalized reflection and transmission functions are important in the construction of the solutions to many multidimensional problems. Coupled integral equations for the interior and emergent intensities are developed and, for the case of two identical homogeneous layers, used to formulate a doubling procedure. Results for an isotropic and Rayleigh scattering medium are presented to illustrate the computational characteristics of the formulation. © 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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