Measurements in the Transition Vortex Flow Regime of Mixed Convection above a Horizontal Heated Plate


Experimental results covering the transition vortex flow regime of mixed convection over a heated, horizontal flat plate are presented. A criterion for the onset of vortex instability as a function of critical Reynolds and Grashof numbers was established with the aid of a flow visualization technique. The three-dimensional nature of this flow regime was documented through both velocity and temperature measurements using laser-Doppler and hot/cold-wire anemometers, respectively. It has been found from these measurements that the two-dimensional laminar mixed convection flow changes into a transitional three-dimensional vortex flow in a relatively short distance from the leading edge of the plate. The vortex three-dimensionial flow continues to intensify as the buoyancy force increases and then develops into a two-dimensional fully turbulent flow at the end of the transition regime. These findings place an upper limit on the applicability of the two-dimensional, laminar boundary layer flow analysis for mixed convection over a heated horizontal flat plate.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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