Processing and Characterization of Dense Thin Sheets of Gamma Titanium Aluminide


A powder metallurgy route based on hot isostatic pressing (HIPing) of tape-cast monotapes was used for the direct fabrication of dense thin sheets of gamma titanium aluminide. Gamma TiAl powder was tape-cast to form a sheet and inserted into a HIP can. In situ binder removal, followed by HIPing and decanning, produced a dense sheet (thickness = 250-300 μm). The carbon content of the sheet was only 0.035% higher than that of the starting powder but the oxygen content was significantly higher, presumably due to oxidation during decanning. The Vickers microindentation hardness was 384 ± 9 HV. The dense sheet consisted of a fine-grained, microstructure (average grain size ∼ 3 μm), with a few isolated larger grains (∼ 20 μm). Thermal annealing of the as-HIPed sheet at 1175-1375°C produced normal microstructures with limited grain growth, but effects attributable to oxidation were observed in a thin surface layer.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Gamma Titanium Aluminide; Hot Isostatic Pressing; Tape Casting; Thin Sheet

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Article - Conference proceedings

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