Preparation and Characterization of Composite Microspheres For Brachytherapy and Hyperthermia Treatment of Cancer


Narayan, R.


Composite microspheres were prepared by coating yttrium-aluminum-silicate (YAS) glass microspheres (20-30 μm) with a layer of Fe3O4 nanoparticles and evaluated for potential use in brachytherapy and hyperthermia treatment of cancer. After neutron activation to form the β-emitting 90Y radionuclide, the composite microspheres can be injected into a patient to destroy cancerous tumors; at the same time, the composite microspheres can generate heat upon application of a magnetic field to also destroy the tumors. The results showed that the composite microspheres were chemically durable when immersed in a simulated body fluid (SBF), with ~ 0.25% weight loss and ~ 3.2% yttrium dissolved into the SBF after 30 days at 37 °C. The composite microspheres also showed ferromagnetic properties as a result of the Fe3O4 coating; when immersed in water at 20 °C (20 mg in 1 mL of water), the application of an alternating magnetic field produced a temperature increase from 20 °C to 38−46 °C depending on the thickness of the Fe3O4 coating. The results indicate that these composite microspheres have promising potential in combined brachytherapy and hyperthermia treatment of cancerous tumors.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Composite Microspheres; Brachytherapy; Hyperthermia; Radioactive Glass Microspheres; Coated Glass Microspheres

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Article - Journal

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