Incorporating Web-based Homework Problems in Engineering Dynamics


We are involved in a project funded by the Department of Education (FIPSE) which focuses on developing interactive software to improve the teaching and learning of engineering statics, dynamics, and mechanics of materials. This paper presents an overview of this project, discusses its objectives, and focuses on one particular aspect of the project.the use of web-based homework problems as assessment tools to evaluate student learning. The overall project includes creating, for all three engineering mechanics courses, the following web-based learning tools: (a) Animated theory modules, using Macromedia.s Flash development software, which display basic theory and example problems in an engaging, clear, and concise way; (b) Conceptual quizzes to evaluate student understanding of the theory; (c) Web-based homework problems to assess students. quantitative skills; (d) Other media elements, including streaming video mini-lectures over key topics, and video of real mechanisms and examples. The paper will give examples of web-based homework used in dynamics, discuss aspects of creating and using these, and give some results of student feedback from using these problems.


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