This collection includes videos from many Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Graduate Seminars including:
Spring 2016 - Bernard Sarchet Graduate Seminar Series
Fall 2015 - Bernard Sarchet Graduate Seminar Series
Spring 2015 - Graduate Seminars
Fall 2014 - Graduate Seminars
Spring 2014 - Graduate Seminars
Fall 2013 - Graduate Seminars
Spring 2013 - Graduate Seminars

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Videos from 2016

On Ants, Tornadoes and Healthcare Costs, Abhi Deshmukh

Model-Based Stochastic Adaptive Search Algorithms for Global Optimization, Jiajiao Hu

Missouri S&T: Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering (EMSE), Missouri University of Science and Technology. Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

Discrete Optimization via Simulation Using Gaussian Markov Random Fields, Barry Nelson

Videos from 2015

Detection Of Radio Frequency Devices Based On Their Unintended Electromagnetic Emissions Using Stochastic and Computational Intelligence Methods, Shikhar Prasad Acharya

Beyond Cyber-Physical Era: What's Next?, Sajal K. Das

Human-Cyber-Physical Systems: From Smart Office to Smart Healthcare & Well-Being, Debraj De

System Architecting with Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) Automation, Kristin Giammarco

Formal Modelling of Systems with a Focus on Communication, Collaboration, and Integration, Claus B. Nielsen

Design and Development of Anthology Based Multi Agent VE System, Murat Ozbayoglu

Insights from Managing Complex Research, Technology and Engineering Projects in Academia, Simon Philbin

An Open Source Visualization, Analysis and Reporting of Regional and Statewide Transit Networks, J. David Porter, David S. Kim, Saeed Ghanbartehrani, and Alireza Mohseni

Information Extraction Using NLP in Clinical Narratives: Case Study, Sunghwan Sohn

Realignning Incentives in Healthcare: A Mustiscale Decision Theory Approach, Christian Wernz

Design Thinking: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Systems Engineering?, Cliff Whitcomb

Sustainability Assessment & Energy Efficiency Oriented Simulation, Jihong Yan

A Bi-Objective Approach to Stabilize Costs in a Continuous Review Inventory System, Gonca Yildirim and Dincer Konur

Microscopy Image Analysis to Aid Biological Discovery: Optics, Algorythms, and Communities, Zhaozheng Yin

On Beyond LP: Optimization of Complex Systems, Zelda Zabinsky

Videos from 2014

Walking Triangles: Discrete Real Optimization, Daniel Ashlock

Overview of System Modeling Language (SysML), Selcuk Cimtalay

Incentive Based Negotiation Model for System Of Systems Aquisition, Nil Ergin

Playing Games at Marine Container Terminals, Mihalis Golias

Writing a Thesis/Disseration? iThenticate Now Available at No Cost to S&T Academic Researchers & Publishers, Malcom Edgar Hays and Razmus Young Kerwin

A Military System of Systems Architecting with Individual System Contracts, Dincer Konur

The Rules: The Written & The Unwritten, Suzanna Long

The Rules: The Written & The Unwritten, Suzanna Long

Library Research for Graduate Students, Sherry L. Mahnken

Library Research for Graduate Studies, Sherry L. Mahnken

How to Conduct a Novel Graduate Research, Yinfa Ma

Professional Certification, Susan L. Murray

How to Prepare for the Qualifying Exam, Bum Joon Park and Cory Brennan

Complexity Management in Virtual Forward Operating Bases, Bhanuchander Poreddy

A Model for the Contract Negotiation Between a Non-Cooperative System and the System of Systems, Ruwen Qin

Contributing Toward a Prescriptive Theory of Ilities, Adam M. Ross

Environmental Considerations in Multi-Item Inventory Systems, Brian Schaefer

Devlopement of Replacement Schedules for LED Traffic Signal Indications, Sean Schmidt

Videos from 2013

A Survey of Application and Future Directions of Computational Intelligence, Gary Fogel

EMSE Mandatory Academic Honesty Seminar, Amber M. Henslee

The Rules: The Written & The Unwritten, Suzanna Long

A Tabu Search Approach to Department Store Facilities Design, Alice Smith

Videos from 2012

Automatic Content Generation with Evolution, Daniel Ashlock

The Impact of the Cost of Quality on Supply Chain Design, Krystel Castillo

Systems Engineering Theory: Addressing Complexity and Uncertainty in Space Systems Architecting, Paul Componation

Opportunities for Financial Engineering Research in the Current Market and Economic Environment, David Lee Enke

A Multi-Item Inventory Model with Shipment Consolidation and Explicit Truckload Transportation Costs, Dincer Konur

Integer Programming Based Neighborhood Search for LTL Load Plan Design, Kathleen Abercrombie Lindsey

Engineering Management in Transportation Research, Ean-Harn Ng

An Empirical Investigation of Supply Chain Excellence in Healthcare, Brian K. Smith

A Comparative Study of the Role of Contextual Factors on Critical Success Factors for Enterprise Information System Implementation, Diane Van Scoter

Videos from 2011

Overcoming Challenges of Intercultural Teamwork, Anne Bartel-Radic

Improving Children's Product Design Safety, Nancy A. Cowles

Optimization of Surgery Delivery Systems, Serhat Gul

Optimal Nurse Scheduling based on quantitative models of work-related fatigue, Mustafa Y. Sir

Life Cycle for Engineering the Healthcare Service, Janet Twomey

Videos from 2010

Elements of Successful Leadership, Frederick L. Kocher

Videos from 2009

Leadership… It's All About the Choices You Make, Cary Dunston

Reinforcement Learning for Risk-Sensitive Control, Abhijit Gosavi

The Rules: The Written & The Unwritten, Scott Grasman

From the Applicable to the Absurd…Ground Rules From a Senior Manager, Helene Hardy Pierce

Formatting Your Thesis or Dissertation, Vicki Hudgins

Applying Industrial Engineering Techniques to the Design of Green Children's Hospital, Kim LaScola Needy

A Journey to Excellence in Two Organizations, David Spong

Fuel Cell/ Stationary Power Research, William Taylor

Videos from 2008

Bringing Together Man and Machine, Steven Corns

Simulation-Based Reinforcement Learning for Vendor-Managed Inventory Systems, Abhijit Gosavi

The Rules: The Written & The Unwritten, Scott Erwin Grasman

Nuclear Weapons, MANETs, and Marmots, Applications of Probability Modeling, Ivan Guardiola

The Speed Limits Change? Evaluating the Effectiveness of the I-270 Variable Speed Limit System, Suzanna Long

Valuation of Managerial Flexibility Under Uncertainty - A Real Options Prospective, Ruwen Qin

Implications of Unification of Quality Loss Function, Naresh Sharma