Architecting Ontological Systems


Recent emerging technologies such as internetworking and the World Wide Web have significantly expanded the types, availability, and the volume of data accessible to information management systems. In this new world, there is less emphasis on isolated devices and greater emphasis on information exchange. This shift is making knowledge management and application integration key issues in computer technology. In order to stay competitive, a company is held hostage by how it understands, maintains and accesses its data. Data comes from many sources, containing a variety of types and formats. One possible way to tackle this complex data problem is to implement an ontology, a unifying framework that facilitates communication through a shared understanding and vocabulary of a system. It enables communication between systems that are independent of system technologies, information architectures and application domain. This paper describes the importance of ontologies in knowledge management and provides the basis on how to architect such an ontological system.


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Application Integraion Key Issues; Communication; Information Management Systems; World Wide Web

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