Knowledge management systems are key for capturing, retaining, and communicating results from projects and presenting information to staff. The purpose of a knowledge management system is to tap into the vast wisdom from projects and experts across an organization. This research focuses on the knowledge management system within the Veterans Health Administration that was developed as a repository of information on continuous improvement tools such as flowcharts, value stream mapping, 5S, and the application of these in healthcare projects. The use of social network analysis and gamification improves website organization, user participation, and dissemination of shared knowledge related to continuous improvement of operations. The purpose of gamification is to engage, teach, entertain, measure, and improve the ease of use of information systems. The goal of this research is to utilize gamification theory within the knowledge management system to drive behaviors in a targeted audience and engage users in aspects such as writing, contributing, getting the feedback, which will create a more robust, cohesive system. A thorough review of the current knowledge management system was conducted, and a gap analysis was performed comparing the goals and objectives for the system to the current results. Next, gamification techniques with the potential to improve performance were identified and strategies to implement these were developed.

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6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2015) and the Affiliated Conferences, AHFE 2015 (2015: Jul. 26-30, Las Vegas, NV)


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Gamification; Knowledge management system; Healthcare

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Article - Conference proceedings

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