Critical Issues in the Supply Chain of Lithium for Electric Vehicle Batteries


A combination of high fuel costs, concerns about petroleum availability, and air quality issues related to fossil fuel-based vehicles are driving interests in electric vehicles (EVs). In this article, we conduct an integrative literature review to assess the global EV battery raw material supply chain, and identify potential issues with the security and supply of lithium for production of lithium ion batteries. State-of-the-Art Matrix Analysis (SAM) is used to characterize literature into major areas of concern including resources/reserves, supply and demand, geopolitical environment, and recycling. Furthermore, we develop a lithium supply chain model that provides a framework with which to investigate the technical, geopolitical, and economic factors that impact the supply of lithium through different life cycle stages. Results of this research will provide the engineering manager with a better understanding of issues surrounding the lithium supply chain for EVs, and will facilitate decision-making.


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Electric Vehicle; Lithium-Ion Battery; Supply Chain; Sustainability; Areas Of Concerns; Critical Issues; Economic Factors; Electric Vehicle Batteries; Engineering Managers; EV Battery; Fuel Cost; Life Cycle Stages; Literature Reviews; Matrix Analysis; Raw Material Supply; Supply And Demand; Air Quality; Economics; Managers

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