A Decision Methodology for Retrofitting Existing Lighting Infrastructure with LED Technology


Advances in Light-emitting diode (LED) technology drive the need for research in the industrial use of LED luminaires. LED luminaires have a longer expected useful life than traditional roadway lighting techniques. As the cost of LED technology decreases, transportation managers are evaluating the viability of retrofitting existing infrastructure to LED technology. This research investigates the economic implications of investing in LED technology, adapting current infrastructure to support LED luminaires, and the sustainability of LED luminaries including analyzing stakeholder acceptance of LED luminaires and the environmental impact of LED luminaires. The quantitative data for this research was derived from field testing various LED luminaires sourced from various LED luminaire manufacturers. Results of this research will provide a methodology for transportation managers for investment in retrofitting existing infrastructure with LED luminaires.

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Annual International Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management (2011: Oct. 19-22, Lubock, TX)


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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LED Luminaires; Light-Emitting Diode (LED); Missouri Department Of Transportation (MoDOT); Roadway Lighting; Street Lighting; Sustainability; Decision Methodology; Economic Implications; Quantitative Data; Transportation Managers; Digital Storage; Environmental Impact; Highway Administration; Industrial Applications; Investments; Research; Retrofitting; Sustainable Development; Technology; Light Emitting Diodes

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Article - Conference proceedings

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